Kadian Gillis – DSP, Yonkers Day Program

Jawonio celebrated its DSP staff last week, September 9-16, by hosting DSP Luncheons, collecting thank you notes from consumers in our residences and day programs and sharing profiles of some of our incredible DSP staff on social media and on our blog.

Meet Kadian Gillis who has been working for Jawonio for the past several years in the Yonkers Day Hab program. The individuals who participate in the Day Program at our Yonkers Site enjoy working with Kadian on a daily basis. She provides them with support and encouragement, engages them in stimulating and fun activities that participants can challenge themselves with.  She also provides personal care and accompanies them on outings in the community.  Her positive energy and spark creates a wonderful atmosphere for the participants every day.

Kadian says, “I have always been a helpful person and I thought what better field to be in than this one! Being a DSP, gives me the opportunity to help individuals/consumers improve their independence and become a better person. Helping those who can’t necessarily help themselves brings joy to my heart.”

Shedricka, Yonkers Day Hab Supervisor says, “Kadian, I extend my deep appreciation for your diligence, self-motivation and devotion and for always going the extra mile in order to triumph and achieve the best possible outcome.  Thank you for your hard work and efforts in maximizing the independence and well-being of the participants who we serve.”

Below are some beautiful thank you notes Kadian received from participants in the Yonkers Day Hab.

Thank you Kadian, and all of our DSP staff for making Jawonio the exceptionally caring and special place that it is. #DSPWeek2018