Meet Yolene Altidor, DSP – Cummings House

Yolene has been working at Jawonio since 1997 at Cummings House. Before coming to Jawonio, she worked at another health agency for about 20 years. Combined, she has over 40 years of experience in the direct service field! Yolene shared that her husband passed away in 1995 and it was a difficult time for her. She decided that she needed to fill her time with productive activities so she thought about finding another job. A friend referred her to Jawonio, and she applied.

Yolene’s typical work day starts at 7am when she arrives at the House and begins to prepare residents for their day. All of their personal needs are taken care of, including bathing, dressing, serving breakfast, and then getting ready to go out to their programs and appointments. Yolene is a certified driver and drives residents to their daily activities. In the past couple of months, this has meant regularly taking them to the Sunrise Court Program at Jawonio Tech, which is sensory stimulation therapy program that runs Monday through Friday. Her day ends at around 3:30pm, after she drives participants back to Cummings House for the evening.

“It is very good for them to get out regularly and have that kind of contact and engagement. The regular stimulation is good for them. Even though they are non-verbal, one of the most rewarding parts of my job is to see them communicate. They are always happy to see me come in the morning, they let me know how happy they are by laughing and vocalizing. I love working with them,” says Yolene.

Yolene is a very seasoned in her work, and is not only someone who goes above and beyond, but also is a DSP Trainer who is responsible for showing new DSP hires the ropes.

“Yolene is awesome. She is the most caring individual and I can count on her for anything. She helps cover if we’re short-staffed and in inclement weather, she is always prepared to stay over and cover in case other staff are unable to make it in. She is in this job for the people she takes care of–she is truly devoted. She is a tremendous asset to our Cummings House team, and I am so very grateful to have her on my staff,” says Sue Hunter, Cummings House Manager.

Thank you Yolene, and to all of our DSP staff, for making Jawonio the special and caring place that it is for the special people we provide care to.


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