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24th Annual Community Employment Breakfast

CES bkfast - All CES Employment staff USE this one

Jawonio was thrilled to welcome over 150 people to our 24th Annual Community Employment Breakfast, held at the DoubleTree by Hilton- a long time employer partner- in Tarrytown on February 6th. The program included special guest speakers, and recognized the National Disability Awareness Month Award Winning Employers- all of whom have been a vital part of the workers successes.

The program was opened by Lana Rheubottom, Supervisor of Community Employment Services (CES), as she recognized the National Disability Month Award Winning Employers. The employers include: Felix Festa Middle School, Good Samaritan Hospital, Net-a-Porter, Star Printers, Stony Point Conference Center and Walgreens.

Jill Warner, CEO of Jawonio, gave welcoming remarks acknowledging the tremendous impact that Community Employment has on the lives of the workers who are placed and supported: "Our workers are able to achieve their dreams and accomplish their goals by working in the community. I thank all of the incredible Employment Services staff that work so hard to provide the support and guidance that people need to not only get jobs but to keep their jobs."

"Jawonio has placed workers in over 5,000 jobs over the 26 years of this program. And they add more every year," said Jill. "Thank you to all of our incredible employer partners who open opportunities for these special workers and enhance their business with a diverse and dedicated workforce."


Special Guest Speakers during the program included:

Paula Sandusky

General Manager of the Stony Point Center


Paula Sandusky, shared the appreciation that the Stony Point Center has for the partnership between the Center and Jawonio Employment Services: "Our organizations' values are in strong alignment."

The Stony Point Center and Jawonio both work to give people a chance and ensure the success of these incredible, dedicated workers who we have seen make such a difference. The Stony Point Center facility is kept so beautiful thanks to their excellent work," said Paula.

The Stony Point Center has been employing CES workers for well over 15 years.

Anthony Kollar

Manager of Walgreens in Suffern


Anthony Kollar shared his experience and pride in the success of the workers who have worked at Walgreens over the years, but also shared his incredible personal story: “I had worked with workers from the Jawonio CES program and learned more about the organization so after our daughter was born and we noticed she was having challenges, we got in touch with Early Intervention to get her services." She then went on to the Jawonio Pre-School and was diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum,” said Anthony.

“I am so grateful to Jawonio for everything that they have done for my daughter and my family.  I am thrilled to be a part of the success of the workers at Jawonio and grateful for all that it does for the people who it serves.”

Tom Lombardi

Lowes Employee for over 10 years


Tom Lombardi shared his experience as a worker at Lowes, where he has worked for ten years. His first job was working in the stock room, unloading merchandise and putting products out in the store.

He then was promoted to a supervisor position. "I have had a great career working at Lowes where I have progressed in my jobs and my ultimate goal is to be a forklift operator," said Tom.

Isabel Newmeyer, Coordinator of Job Development and Kelly Kelter, Supervisor of CES presented Certificates and Longevity Awards to the workers.
Joining them to congratulate the honorees were; Jill Warner, CEO, Randi Rios-Castro, Associate Executive Director, Bill Trust, Foundation Board Member, in the photos below.

Please take a look below at all of the staff and see how many hardworking years they have spent at Jawonio making a difference in the lives of people with special needs in our community! 

Congratulations to all of our amazing workers!

Longevity 30+ years

Laura Buonanno 30 years

Longevity 30+ years

Susan Papele-Bianco 30 years

Longevity 25+ years

Ronald Ambrey 25 years

Susan Butrico-Nash 25 years

Arthur Cellars 25 years

Longevity 25+ years

Solomon Gittler 25 years

Victoria Harris 25 years

Sam Klein 25 years

Longevity 25+ years

Pablo Matos 25 years

Daniel Schwartz 25 years

Longevity 20 years

Gerry Acer

Jodi Alston

Marie Antoine

William Britt

William Graff

Longevity 20 years

Susan Heath

Patrick Hudson

Hemant Mhatre

Wilson Mizhquiri

Raphael Moratoya

Leonard Owens

Longevity 20 years

Thomasina Scott

Cindy Singer

Jeff Steiner

Roy Sullivan

Elizabeth Uttrich

Luis Valentin

Cora Lee Welch

Longevity 15 years

Richard Acosta

Virginia Barnett

Andrew Brophy

Christopher Buck

Markeith Brown

Maureen Crowley

Elizabeth Devenney

Angela Dipaolo

Steven Falk

Maria Eickler

Longevity 15 years

Nasario Gomez

Brunilda Gonzalez

Caroline Jones

Cielo Lasso

Norman Leavitt

Harold Levine

Derrick Mason

Gregory Matthews

Howard Marryshow

Joanna Martinez

Oral Miller

Evelina Morris

               Longevity 15 years           

           Mitchell Nash            

Paul Pitterson

Roselyn Rabadi

Zale Rojas

Ethel Roman

Karen Smalls

Max Tassy

Shari Thomas

Peter Todd

Raymond Vazquez

Shifra Weiderman

Longevity 10 years

Luis Aguilar

Michael Alexandre     

Chris Alston

David Bishop

Marlon Bryant

Joseph Candela

Roman Chaiko

Walter Clark

Tanya Coleman

Jerry Dejesus

Peter Didenko

Robinsky Dorcely

Matthew Dubner

Angella Espinoza

Samuel Fenner

Lelice Ford

Longevity 5 years

Sheldon Campbell

Vincent Campo

Marc Chindemi

Janae Coleman

Valerie Foreman

Marjorie Forte

Michael Grisanti

Longevity 10 Years

Carmiya Gamoran

Georgetta Hicks

Venturia Jakab

Margaret Lauler

Jeveron Lee

Thomas Liquori

Thomas Lombardi

Cynthia Mcbride

Thomas McNicholas

Alanna Medlock

Liam Messano

Selena Miles

Randy Monk

Williams Munoz

Evan Nachimson

John Nelson

Bryant Perez

Longevity 5 Years

Kareem Lewis

Norma Mattis

Romel Mcgee

Diya Mohan

Latasha Purdie

Travis Roberts-Leavitt

Longevity 10 Years

Jayson Ramos

Stacey Risko

Fine Rodriguez

Norbert Rodriguez

Ralph Rosado

Sam Rosenkranz

Ross Seliger

Sandy Sewell

Kyle Smith

Ely Tejada

Shawn Torres

James Urbanski

Emmanuel Vazquez

Mark Ward

Samantha Wheeler

Arden Wilder

Longevity 5 Years

Erika Rodriguez

Claudette Simmons

Carol Talty

German Troncoso

Clint Walker

Channel Weeks

Tasha Yorey

Thank You to all of our Supporter Employer Partners!

24 Hour Fitness

A&P - Mahwah

Acme Markets - Yonkers

Afya Foundation

American Maintenance

Animal Med Of New City

Aramark Food Services

Bark And Purr


Burger King -Yonkers

Burlington Coat Factory - Middletown

Calvin Klein

Camp Bow Wow


Century Waste Services

Children's Corner

Chilis - Nanuet


Christmas Tree Shops

CVS - Montvale

CVS - Scarsdale

Decicco's - New City

Dollar Tree - Park Ridge NJ

Doral Arrowood Country Club

Double Tree Hilton Tarrytown

Double Tree Hilton Nanuet

Dressbarn - Nanuet

East Ramapo School District

Eastern Tire

Fairway Market - Nanuet

Fastov Avenue Residence

Fed Ex

Felix Festa Middle School

Fieldstone Secondary School

Fire Training House

Five Guys

Good Samaritan Hospital

Good Will Industries - Nanuet

Goodwill Industries - New Rochelle

Greystone Bakery

Helen Hayes Hospital

Helen Hayes Hospital- Office Of The Aging

Home Depot - New Rochelle

Home Depot - West Nyack

Home Goods - Nanuet

Home Goods - Port Chester

Hudson Valley DDRO

I Can Storage Containers

Jawonio - CES Clerical

Jawonio - Connections Program

Jawonio - Day Programs

Jawonio - Main Build Mail Room

Jawonio - Micrographics

Jawonio - Reception Yonkers

Jawonio Cleaning Company

Jawonio Preschool

Jawonio/Katzen/Children Center

Kohl's - Port Chester

Lowes - Nanuet

Marriott - Tarrytown

Marshalls - Nanuet

Marshalls - New Rochelle

Meals On Wheels - Riverdale

Middle Barr Middle School

Morrison Health Care Inc.

Net-A-Porter, LTD.

Northern Manor

Nyack College

Nyack Hospital

Office Of Consumer Protection - New City

Office Of The Aging

Panera Bread

Paws Crossed

Pearl River Day Care

Pearl River Hilton

Pelham Taxi

Pomona Middle School

Pro Maid

R & F Auto

Ralphie's Diner

Randstadt Professionals

Renotech Interiors

RI Group

Riverfront Library

Robert Half Employment Services


Rockland Bakery

Rockland County Courthouse

Rockland Music Conservatory

Sally Sherman

Salvation Army

Sans Souci

School For Special Children

Shop Rite - Suffern

Shoprite - Garnerville

Shoprite - New City

Shoprite - Pearl River

Shoprite - Tallman

Shoprite - Tuckhoe

Shoprite - Yonkers

Splash Car Wash


SSA Office - White Plains

St. Dominic's Family Services

St. Josephs Medical Center

Staples - Nanuet

Star Printers

Stony Point Conference Center

Stop & Shop - Cross County

Stop & Shop - Mt.Ivy

Stop & Shop - Nanuet

Stop & Shop - New City

Stop & Shop - Nyack

Stop & Shop - West Haverstraw

Suffern Animal Hospital

Target - Spring Valley

The Center For Career Freedom

TJ Maxx

Toy Wiz


USPS - White Plains

Walgreens - Scarsdale

Walgreens - Spring Valley

Walgreens - Stony Point

Walgreens - Tallman

Walgreens - Yonkers

We Rok

White Plains Courthouse District Attorney's Office

Yeager Health Center, File Rm Build L

Yeager Pharmacy

About us

We provide care for over 10,000 people with special needs each year.

Our mission

Jawonio is a registered 501c3 organization and the premier provider of lifespan services in the Hudson Valley of New York State for individuals with developmental disabilities, behavioral health challenges, and chronic medical conditions. 

Jawonio is dedicated to advancing the independence, well-being, and equality of people with disabilities and special needs.