Botwinick House

Jawonio’s Community Living Services program is a pillar of our community and long ago established a foundation for the amazing work that unfolds among residents, families, staff and management on a daily basis. 


A critical component of this endeavor is Botwinick House, a Jawonio Community Living Services IRA. A cherished space for five of our most valued residents, Botwinick House underscores the ideal of commitment that lies at the heart of Jawonio’s treasured history. 


Originally called Balmoral, this home on June 9, 2019 was rededicated and renamed in honor of two people whose Jawonio legacies will resonate for generations to come. The late Gloria and Arnold Botwinick were passionate advocates for people with disabilities and served on the Jawonio Board of Directors for many years. The Botwinick family maintains enduring bonds with Jawonio. The Botwinick’s son, Michael, has been with Jawonio since he was a young child. Today, he resides in the Bobbi Lewis House and attends Day Program. The couple’s daughter, Barbara Algranati, is a physical therapist in the Jawonio Early Intervention program; and her husband, Michael Algranati, is Chairman of the Jawonio, Inc. Board of Directors. 



Overseeing operations at the home occupied by residents Eric, Steven, Michael, Ian and Richard is House Manager Sherwin Richards, who works closely with House Coordinator Jamel Wright and LPN Valerie Baroulette. The dedicated DSP staff members, who work tirelessly to generate a warm and fun environment inside the the 5-bedroom, 2-bath house, include Viveth Witter, who has been with Jawonio 10 years; Schameeka Lowery, at Jawonio 4 years; Stephen Welbert, at Jawonio 2 years; and Oliver Vestal, who joined Jawonio 1 year ago.


Filling Botwinick House with spirit and laughter are Eric, Steven, Michael, Ian and Richard. These housemates, friends and peers enjoy a wide range of activities while residing in this very cozy, warm and family-oriented home. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has, of course, limited activities. But nothing could stop Eric, Michael, Richard, Stephen and Ian from having fun and staying active. Getting out into the community for regular evening walks is always a priority, and visits to the park and the zoo, as well as bowling and miniature golf outings offer plenty of exercise. The library, mall and a nice selection of restaurants make for great destinations, and who doesn’t enjoy a barbecue on a regular basis? 



Eric has been at Jawonio for 12 years and enjoys drawing, going on walks, trips to the mall, playing video games, board games, listening to music, singing, having conversations with staff and his peers, and shopping. Eric also enjoys outings to the zoo and attending baseball, hockey and basketball games. Michael has also been at Jawonio for 12 years. He enjoys spending time with staff and his peers, watching movies, using his iPad, going to the mall and playing video games.


Richard joins Eric and Michael as a 12-year resident of Jawonio. Richard spends most of his time speaking with friends on social media. He loves professional sports games and is a bit of an athlete himself, as he enjoys bowling and miniature golf. Richard has been working at ShopRite for more than 10 years. Stephen has been at Jawonio for 9 years. He enjoys watching wrestling, playing basketball, walking at the park, playing video games and having conversations with staff and peers. Stephen currently works at Dunkin’ Donuts once a week.


Ian has been at Jawonio for 12 years. He loves horses and spends a lot of time researching these reliable and trusted animals. Ian also enjoys traveling with his family and he has visited many different areas of the world. He enjoys talking about his travel adventures and he also likes spending time with his family on the weekends, going out for walks and having conversations with staff and his peers.


This group never misses the chance to celebrate each other’s birthday, and holiday parties are always something to look forward to. Underscoring it all is an opportunity to work together while building lasting relationships and memories.


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We provide care for thousands of children and adults with special needs each year.

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Jawonio is a registered 501c3 organization and the premier provider of lifespan services in the Hudson Valley of New York State for individuals with developmental disabilities, behavioral health challenges, and chronic medical conditions. 

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