A Local Band Shaped By the Pandemic and Mental Health

By Joan R. Maydet & Mike S. Roth

Many people are fa­miliar with Jawonio and the services they offer to individuals with a disability, but few know about the Jawonio PROS program.

Jawonio PROS is a com­prehensive, recovery-ori­ented program for adults who have a mental health condition. They assist cli­ents in achieving self-iden­tified recovery goals and help them in navigating the symptoms that they experience through group and individual psycho­therapy, art, music, dis­cussion, psychoeducation, activities, etc.

Mike and I have experienced amazing change through PROS. We have performed with the PROS band, which is where we met and had participat­ed in poetry groups. We performed in PROS talent shows and on open mic nights. The PROS program has provided us with nu­merous opportunities to safely challenge ourselves in new ways.

Then the pandemic be­gan. We were challenged to continue our progress. But, as recovery remained a priority for us, with Jawonio PROS help we safely adapted.

Every day, we Zoomed into our PROS classes, and eventually, on our own, we decided to challenge ourselves in the way that PROS had pre­pared us for.

We started to explore composing and writing our own music. Using our poetry, a guitar, pa­per, and pen, we sat down and created our first song, "Blinded." 

Our band, Noctiphany, meaning "the manifes­tation of something that happens only at night," has given us a voice. Through poetry and mu­sic, we tell our recovery journey and what it is like to live with a mental ill­ness. It's not always light and it's not always pretty but it's real and it's raw. 

Recently, we had the op­portunity with the help of Mike's brother, David, to record our first al­bum, "Not For The Faint of Heart," which is avail­able now on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. $1 from the sale of each album is being donated to the Jawonio PROS program. More about us can be found at www.Noctiphany.Band­


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