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Jawonio’s Community Living Services provides homes for individuals geared towards independence and an empowering path to a world of opportunity for the people we support. Jawonio’s mission, since 1947, has been embodied in innovative professional lifespan services designed to meet every need and nearly any preference. From an independent living-style apartment complex, community condominiums to community residences with intensive 24/7 supports, Jawonio is there for the people we support, all day, every day, today and for a lifetime.

Represented in some of the best neighborhoods in Rockland County, Jawonio residences are at home in the local landscape but they are also uniquely tailored to maximize the independent function and inclusion of our residents. Our Salmon residence for example, is a beautiful suburban home but it also includes a state-of-the art lift system more common to rehabilitation hospital than to a group home.

With program options that offer a full array of clinical, medical and behavioral health services, Jawonio brings an unparalleled level of clinical expertise to the lives of the people who call the agency home. Our commitment is to the whole person and to innovative person-centered approaches to meet the gamut of needs; from dual diagnosis, complex medical needs and service approaches that foster inclusion and community participation but also a sense of mastery, accomplishment and identity.


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Jawonio residential services are about choices. Learning and growing we believe starts with having options, knowing what they are and working with people committed to the process discovery that informs and ultimately empowers our participants to define themselves based on their own sense of who they are and a personal vision for the person they’d like to become.

Persons served must be age 18 or older to apply

  • OPWDD eligibility
  • HCBS Waiver
  • Authorized for residential placement by the Certified Residential Opportunities department of the Office of People with Developmental Disabilities.
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Residential Director 
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Division Director 
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Jessica Joseph-Thomas

Residential Director 
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About us

We provide care for thousands of children and adults with special needs each year.

Our mission

Jawonio is a registered 501c3 organization and the premier provider of lifespan services in the Hudson Valley of New York State for individuals with developmental disabilities, behavioral health challenges, and chronic medical conditions. 

Jawonio is dedicated to advancing the independence, well-being, and equality of people with disabilities and special needs.