The Yang Family Story

At the age of 2 1/2 years old, Timothy Yang wasn't speaking yet and his parents were very concerned. They knew that Timothy needed support, but were not sure what to do or where to go. When a friend suggested they contact Jawonio, his dad, Bruce remembered the name. It turns out both of Bruce's parents, Bing and Chiung, worked as aides at Jawonio in the 1990's.
The Jawonio program used music and singing to help him develop his communication skills, and after Timothy left Jawonio and entered elementary school, his parents used play reading as a way to help him with his reading skills. Starting at age 7, after doing a few print ads and commercials, one thing led to another, and Timothy was cast in the 2015 revival of the King and I on Broadway. His early introduction to music and the therapies he received gave him a strong foundation for his future success.
Timothy attended the Jawonio Pre-School, and when he started, he was non-verbal. Timothy received a variety of therapies, including speech, and began to speak--and he has not stopped since being one of our students! During his time at Jawonio, he learned many important skills which would later enhance knowledge and discipline in dealing with many daily tasks. At Jawonio, Timothy also became interested in creativity and art. Many of his basic motor and cognitive skills were refined. "Once he started speaking, he hasn't stopped since," says Bruce.
Timothy at Dodgeball 2017
Timothy singing
Timothy has returned to Jawonio and is involved in events, delighting 2016 Harvest Brunch guests with beautiful renditions of songs from the King and I, representing Jawonio at the 2017 JCC Rockland Dodgeball Tournament, singing the Star Spangled Banner, and this past fall, again sharing his singing talents by performing America the Beautiful as a tribute for Veteran's Day along with other songs at the 2018 Jawonio Gala Brunch.
This year, Timothy entered middle school and continues to enjoy singing, loves performing and figure skating, and in addition, studies piano, french horn, saxophone and ukulele.
Bruce said, "Thank you to Jawonio for all it has done for our family." Check out their Family video here!

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