Life insurance is an asset you may not have thought of donating to Jawonio until now. Using life insurance to support Jawonio is powerful, practical and very simple.

How It Works

Owning a life insurance policy with accumulated cash value is like sitting on a pile of money. When the original purpose for the protection no longer applies—such as providing education resources for grown children or to provide financial security for a now deceased spouse—your life insurance can be redirected to help support a worthwhile cause. One option is simply to name . (Naming us as beneficiary while you retain ownership of the policy, however, does not qualify you for an income tax deduction.) Or, you can name us as the beneficiary and also assign us ownership of the policy as a current charitable gift. Doing so provides you tax benefits as outlined below.

The Tax Benefits

When you assign Jawonio ownership of a life insurance policy and also name us as the beneficiary:

  • You receive an income tax charitable deduction, available under most circumstances.
  • You realize tax savings from the deduction; these savings can be invested for future income.
  • You reduce your future estate tax liability.


Did you know?
If you are concerned that supporting our work will reduce your family’s inheritance, a new life insurance policy equal to your charitable gift can replace the value of your loved ones’ inheritance.


Donating a New Life Insurance Policy

Perhaps you don’t own a life insurance policy yet, but realize how beneficial giving life insurance to Jawonio can be. If so, you can—in most states—purchase a new insurance policy and name a qualified charitable organization like Jawonio as the beneficiary and owner of the policy. Rather than paying premiums to the insurance company, you make tax-deductible cash gifts to cover the annual premiums. Even greater leverage is possible when two donors, usually spouses, purchase a “two-life second-to-die” policy. With two lifetimes before the payment of death benefits, a future gift to Jawonio will cost you even less.


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About us

We provide care for thousands of children and adults with special needs each year.

Our mission

Jawonio is a registered 501c3 organization and the premier provider of lifespan services in the Hudson Valley of New York State for individuals with developmental disabilities, behavioral health challenges, and chronic medical conditions. 

Jawonio is dedicated to advancing the independence, well-being, and equality of people with disabilities and special needs.