Training Center

The Jawonio Training Center houses Workforce Development Training Programs for individuals with disabilities and special needs, Veterans and individuals who have experienced extended underemployment or unemployment.  Training curriculums include both hard and soft skills training that prepare workers to be ready for employment after successfully completing the program.

Jawonio as well as our sister agencies and community employment partners are potential employers for all graduates of the Jawonio Training Center.

The Training Center is primarily located at the Jawonio Main Campus in New City, NY (Rockland County).  Plans are underway to provide video link ups for remote training with our Yonkers Program site.

Direct Support Professional Training – This training course will be geared to individuals who are interested in entering the healthcare field as a provider of direct care services for individuals with disabilities.  We are gearing the training to those who have experienced extended periods of unemployment, underemployment, are a Veteran and/or a “dislocated worker.”  Training curriculum includes hard skills training in the direct care of individuals with disabilities as well as soft-skills that will prepare them for re-entering the workforce.

Successful graduates will be referred to interview for open positions at Jawonio as well as other community agencies.

Please check back for announcements about scheduled courses.

Green Cleaner Training – This training course is geared to individuals who have disabilities or special needs and who are looking to enter the workforce in the cleaning / janitorial field.  Training takes place in 4 hour half-day sessions for 6-8 weeks and provides practical hands on training on the use of specialty cleaning equipment and techniques as well as soft-skills job readiness training.

Graduates of this program will be referred for job placement services with the Jawonio Cleaning Company as well as other outside employers.

Additional training courses for 2018:

For more information on the Rockland and Westchester Green Cleaning Training Sessions, please reach out to Courtney Burnham at (845) 708-2000 x2209 or via email:

In addition to the Jawonio Training Center, Jawonio does also periodically offer professional development training course such as; Middle Management Academy (in partnership with the National Council on Behavioral Health) and Drama Therapy in Social Work Practice.   

The Jawonio Training Center has been developed with the financial support and funding from the following:

  • NYS Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski
  • NYS Department of Labor
  • Community Development Block Grants in Rockland and Westchester

For More Information
Susan Mackay
(845) 708-2000 extension 2389