Michelle, Mike, Brendan and Arielle Salmon share their family story and ask you to Help Jawonio Build for Tomorrow

Brendan and Arielle Salmon are twins who were born at 36 weeks due to a difficult pregnancy. At 26 weeks, doctors detected that Brendan’s growth was not progressing at a normal rate and as a result, was starving in utero. The Salmons made the difficult decision to go through with a premature delivery in order to do what was best for Brendan. Arielle came out healthy, at 5lbs 1oz, but Brendan came out not breathing, weighing less 2lbs. 14oz.and was in the NICU until he was considered healthy and diagnosed with Inter Uterine Growth Retardation (IUGR).

The Salmons knew that Brendan would be developmentally delayed, and were worried they would have a hard time finding the help they needed. When Arielle and Brendan were 10 months old, the family moved to New City, NY. They had a Service Coordinator who referred them to Jawonio. “From the minute we walked into Jawonio, we knew this was the place for Brendan,” says Michelle, Brendan and Arielle’s mother. He started in Early Intervention at 2-years-old, receiving speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy, as well as care in the Audiology Department once it was detected that Brendan had mild to moderate hearing loss in both ears.

“Having a child with disabilities has changed our lives for the better,” Michelle notes. The Salmons continued to use Jawonio’s services throughout the years, and have become close with staff.

“Brendan has taught us the meaning of life through his struggles. He has taught us so much about compassion, acceptance, patience, and that no matter how hard things get, to never give up,” says Mike, Brendan and Arielle’s father.

Brendan and Arielle are now 20-years-old, and both attending college. Beginning young adulthood, they are both entering a new stage of their lives. Both Mike and Michelle are continuing their involvement with Jawonio, and Mike serves on the Foundation Board. Without Jawonio’s Early Intervention services, Brendan would not have received the care and attention that he needed early in his life. You can help Jawonio continue to provide better futures to children and adults with special needs by supporting the Building for Tomorrow Campus Transformation Project. You can also make a donation today on our website.

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