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Staff Spotlight Profile – Christine Curley

Meet Christine Curley who has been working at Jawonio for over 21 years.  She started as a Direct Support professional at the Bobbi Lewis House in Chestnut Ridge.  She worked there for about a year then transferred to Moskoff House where she has worked every since.  She moved into the position of House Manager in 1999.  Christine was introduced to Jawonio through her mother, who was a Licensed Practical Nurse at Jawonio and helped set up and open Cummings House.

As House Manager, Christine wears many hats.  She manages the house, staffing, scheduling, ensuring each resident is getting the care they need and advocating for them. Each day is different.  “I love what I do, managing the house and advocating for the residents.  We advocate every day for the best care for them and back them up in the choices that they make to have an independent, self-determined life.”

There is a wide range of needs of the residents of Moskoff House. Some are able to be more independent than others; one resident drives, another goes on an annual cruise with the Coffee House, a social group.  There’s also all age ranges in the house.

Christine went back to school and got certified as a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant.  This skills and knowledge she gained through this training, benefits her work with the residents, understanding their needs and the therapeutic interventions that are most effective.

She acknowledges that the flexibility and support she has gotten at Jawonio as an employee and  working mom, has been extremely helpful.  “We have a strong team at Moskoff, the staff all works really well together and supports each other.”  Residents stay a long time, staff is consistent.  The professional development the staff participates in includes topical retreats, internal and external trainings that all help to support their work.  She says that the retreats are a great because they deal with situations and concerns that are current for the staff and residents.

Christine has also been involved with Touching Bases, a baseball league for 240 adults, ages 21 – 80, with disabilities that runs each fall. She has been involved for the past several years, the past three years as a coach for the Jawonio team. She is pictured here with volunteers who assist players each week to throw, catch and run the bases.  She not only is a great coach but wonderful role model for the volunteers.  In fact her two teenage sons, Sean and Chris, have been volunteering with her for the past three years also.

Reflecting on her work Christine says, “With the training I have, I could work in the Occupational Therapy field, but I’d have to leave my place here.  I can’t leave, the guys at Moskoff, they have my heart. The most rewarding part of my job is seeing the residents accomplish their goals and dreams. I love it.”

Thank you Christine for making our Jawonio Community such a caring place and Congratulations on earning Coach of the Year!


This year we are so excited to congratulate Christine on winning Coach of the Year!