Vocational Training and Employment Services

In September, 2023, Governor Hochul Announced $13 Million in Grant awards to Nonprofit Service Providers like us. Out of the total funding, Jawonio received approximately $1.6 million to provide Career Training Opportunities for People With Developmental Disabilities. Press release Here

Jawonio Retail Boot Camp - New 2023

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A focused evaluation for persons who have an employment/educational goal which needs to be assessed and/or explored.

Situational evaluations to assess work skills in Janitorial maintenance, digital imaging/microfilming and sub-contract packaging as requested.

Scheduled Classes for individuals to learn about the concept of work, work ethics, appropriate social protocol and associated behaviors for success on the job.

Job site evaluations in the community for specific job matches as authorized by ACCES-VR.

Mon/Wed/Thurs from 9:30am-2:30pm.
Provides learning experiences where individuals can develop strengths and skills that contribute to an individual’s employability in the community. Services include: personal appearance, goal setting & problem solving, safety & wellness, socialization & communication, tolerance & ethics.

Employment Services

Contact Info

Stacey Kantrowitz, Director Community Employment Services


Issy Newmeyer, Coordinator Job Development