In honor of National Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week, Jawonio celebrates the valuable contributions that our DSP staff make to the Jawonio Community by posting personal profiles of a few members of our fantastic team.

MEET FIORDALIZA – Fiordaliza Arroyo lives in Yonkers and works for Jawonio at its Yonkers program site Day Habilitation program. Prior to this position, she worked as a DSP in Community Living Services at another agency. Fiordaliza has been a DSP for close to three years and chose this career because she has a passion for helping others. She gets a lot of fulfillment out of her job. Fiordaliza smiled as she said, “the most rewarding part of my job is watching consumers learn a skill and master it independently. It makes me feel like I am making a difference.”

Fiordaliza’s very full day starts at 8:00 am when she helps with the morning transportation for consumers. She orchestrates community integration outings for the consumers, and they get to choose where they would like to go. She escorts consumers to volunteer sites where they have the chance to make a contribution and give back to the community through their volunteer work. Fiordaliza also assists with the preparation of lunches and various activities based on the schedule, and at the end of the day, takes part in return transportation.

She participates in various training, including CPR, First Aid, Common Core, SCIP, AMAP, HIPPA, and OSHA.

“Fiordaliza is an essential part of our team, truly the heart and soul. She possesses the ability to lift everyone’s heart and make day to day stresses manageable. We are so very appreciative of her commitment and want her to know that her worth is truly valued. She sets a very positive tone for the team and program participants. The difference she makes every day is nothing short of legendary,” says Shedricka Edwards, Day Services Program Director.

Thank you to Fiordaliza and our whole DSP staff for making the Jawonio Community such a caring place!