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Caroline Alcocer, Staff Profile

Community Employment Services

Caroline Alcocer works at the Jawonio Yonker's site in Westchester as an employment counselor and job developer.  She has been with Jawonio since March of 2016.  Her interest in becoming an employment counselor came during her last year of undergraduate studies when she was working as an intern at a program that assisted individuals with special needs to attain their short-term goals based on their Individual Program for Employment (IPE).   It was during this time that Caroline realized how important it was for an individual to achieve independence and have a sense of self-accomplishment through employment.

Caroline describes her position at Jawonio as very rewarding. She states “I’m able to experience the growth and journey along with the client that I am working with.” Many of her clients are youth interns. Since this is a transitional phase in a young person’s life, with many uncertainties, Caroline has learned that early services are a must. Parents are also excited to be involved in the process. One particular youth intern that she has worked with had no work experience at all. However, with Jawonio’s guidance, this indvidual
received training from the Green Clean Janitorial Training Program. This training opened the door to finding employment.

Caroline’s greatest accomplishment has been finding her own strengths and weaknesses. Her time at Jawonio has helped her develop the tools to serve the community with dignity.  She also enjoys the tremendous camradery that she has with her co-workers. She states “they are always positive, which makes everyone’s experience a pleasant one.”

Caroline has been one of the many exceptional employees in Jawonio Community Employment Services .   We wish her many more years of success with those she provides services and supports, as she continues her journey with Jawonio.


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