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As a significant provider of services to individuals with developmental disabilities and behavioral health challenges, Jawonio recognizes that the co-occurrence of autism and psychiatric disabilities is a growing phenomenon in our community. We are also aware that this lifelong challenge for individuals, families, and the community, requires a continuum of services that will provide interventions beginning at the earliest stages.

The Autism Training and Resource Center at Jawonio will serve as a service and resource hub for individuals and families as well as a training facility for families, professionals, and the supporting community throughout the Mid-Hudson Valley region. The Center will also provide the resources needed for community outreach and education by funding transportation, outreach materials, training space, and equipment.

Informational sessions and training will be held approximately once per month and will encompass a wide variety of topics valuable to families and the greater community.

Program Times   7 - 8pm 

* 5:00 PM for Monthly Support Groups

260 N. Little Tor Road New City NY 10956

Deadline to register is up to the day prior to the session.

For questions about the programs please contact:
Sara Trowers, Director of Day Habilitation Services, at 845-708-2000 x2339 or via email: sara.trowers@jawonio.org

September 1, October 6th, November 3, December 1 - 5 PM
Partnering With Your School District to Support Your Child’s Needs

Length of Time: 45 mins.

Presented by: Carla Brajkovic, LCSW-R

Audience: All

Session Description: 

A support group for family members, caregivers, or others involved in the care and support of individuals with autism. This will be an open discussion group with the option to express any concerns the members may have. Individual sessions as needed.

September 22 - 7pm
Partnering With Your School District to Support Your Child’s Needs

Length of Time: 30 minutes w Q & A

Presented by: Dr. Heidi McCarthy

Audience: Adults

Session Description: 

Partnering With Your School District to Best Support Your Child. Laws and Regulations that provide for support and services for students with disabilities IDEA. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. Advocating for your child to receive appropriate services to meet his/her needs. Helpful tips to prepare for meetings. Working with your child’s teachers/therapists to support your child’s growth and development.

Advocacy and Entitlements

Length of Time: 20 mins.

Presented by: Jane Mullin, LCSW-R

Audience: Adults

Session Description: 

This presentation will outline and describe entitlements and resources available to individuals and families, including age-appropriate opportunities and guidance on advocating for and accessing benefits, services, and entitlements. Resources and referral contacts will be provided.

September 28 - 7 PM
First Responders/Community Organization

Length of Time: 45 minutes w Q & A

Presented by: Jane Mullin, LCSW-R, Kristin Kiggins, M.S. and Jon Ginsburg, Incident Manager

Audience: Community Organizations & Parents

Session Description: 

Jane Mullin:

"This presentation will outline and describe resources for a variety of first responders and community-based organizations who may encounter individuals in crisis or need of redirection and/or optimum referral resources."

Kristin Kiggins:

"First Responders & Autism will focus on educating emergency service professionals on how to work effectively with individuals with Autism. Proactive interventions, both from emergency service professionals and families will help facilitate a better relationship with the individuals they serve in the community."

October 20 - 7pm
Rehab and Recovery for Behavioral Changes

Length of Time: 60 mins.

Presented by: Dr. Joseph Zweig/Peers

Audience: Adults

Session Description: 

Rehab and Recovery for Behavioral Changes: ASD is not a static state for those on the spectrum.  Change and growth is a realistic and achievable goal and as the only PROS (Personalized Recovery Oriented Service) Program in New York State that is authorized to provide these recovery services to those whose primary challenge is ASD, Jawonio PROmiSe has been involved in this innovation for several years.  Our staff and participants will describe how a recovery-oriented program can contribute to the achievement of life goals identified by our members.

November 10 - 7pm
Health and Wellness for Individuals with Autism

Length of Time: 60 mins.

Presented by: Sharon O’Dowd, RN, and Jijo Antony, M.S.W, Behavior Specialist

Audience: All

Session Description: 

In our presentation, we will discuss the benefits and the impact a healthy lifestyle can produce in the lives of individuals with Autism. We will touch on topics such as nutrition, the impact of food on the body, the benefits of routines and rules, and finally how physical activity and exercise can develop and enhance your child’s life not only physically but socially.

November 17 - 7pm
Understanding the Diagnosis (Community)

Length of Time: 45 mins.

Presented by: Dr. Arnie Cabasso and Kristin Kiggins, M.S Behavior Specialist

Audience: Community Organizations

Session Description: 

Understanding the Diagnosis will go in-depth on understanding intellectual disabilities, more specifically autism spectrum disorder. Identifying what might we expect will assist us in how to support individuals with behaviors and work towards establishing a better quality of life.  We will cover different approaches on how to be respectful of all individuals in the community and promoting growth and independence.

December 7 & 8 - 7pm (via zoom)

Length of Time: 60 mins.

Presented by: Michele Green,
District Coordinator for Workforce Development & Business Relations at ACCESS VR

Audience: Adults

Session Description: 

This presentation is designed to build a basic awareness and history of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Participants will also learn:

  • The purpose of the ADA Amendments, why they were necessary, and the impact the amendments had on the ADA.
  • How the ADA applies to facilities and services of public entities.
  • Public accommodation.
  • Effective communication and the accessibility of goods and services.

December 15 - 7pm
Behavior Planning

Length of Time: 45 mins.

Presented by: Dr. Arnie Cabasso and Chuck Mastro

Audience: All

Session Description: 

We discuss when a behavioral intervention is called for, the A*B*C Chart, target behaviors, the functional analysis, contextual factors, pro-active strategies, teaching alternative behaviors, re-active strategies, reinforcers, de-escalation techniques, and data collection.

Register For a Program

For questions about registration please contact Tammy King, Day Services Admin at tammy.king@jawonio.org.

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