Jawonio periodically hosts professional development trainings that provide educational opportunities to help workers and professionals progress on their career ladder. Continuing Education Units are included.

Examples of recent trainings include the Middle Management Academy, sponsored by the National Behavioral Health Council, Drama Therapy in Social Work Practice in addition to training in Green Commercial Cleaning and Direct Support Professional Training.

Successful graduates of the Green Commercial Cleaning and Direct Support Professional Training will be referred for open positions at Jawonio as well as other community agencies.

The Jawonio Training Center has been developed with the financial support and funding from the following: NYS Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski, NYS Department of Labor Community Development, Block Grants in Rockland and Westchester,

Please check back on the Jawonio Website and social media for updates on upcoming professional development opportunities.

Contact Info

Courtney Burnham, Program Director

Email: courtney.burnham@jawonio.org
Phone: 845-708-2000 ext. 2209