Anthony, Andrew and Shaquille began their employment with Jawonio’s summer youth internship program last year. They are now employed by AFYA through our Community Employment Services Program. Each of them brought their individual strengths and skills to their work and they really compliment each other and work beautifully as a team. They have giving hearts and an eagerness to help others- this is what opened the door for them!

During the beginning of the pandemic, their  employement counselor contacted them to offer supports and address any concerns. They all reported back saying the same thing; “We are going to work, we love what we do and we are here to fulfill AFYA’S mission.” This is a testament to those in our program who continue to work for essential businesses at this time of crisis.

AFYA is also a supplier for Regeneron, who is working on a treatment for Covid19. At the beginning of the crisis, Regeneron donated critical personal protective equipment to Jawonio staff, especially for our direct care workers. Thank you Regeneron for your generosity and AFYA for supplying the healthcare workers of our community and employing our CES workers.

AFYA Workers (002).jpg
Anthony, Andrew and Shaquille packing up medical supplies for local hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Thank you Anthony, Andrew and Shaquille for your dedication to your work ensuring that healthcare workers get the supplies they need to provide essential care.

Thank you Regeneron for your generous donation!

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