Jawonio Bullets Face ARC Canaries in

Touching Bases Season Opener

The Jawonio Bullets showed their metal in their season opener on September 7, against the ARC Canaries at the South Orangetown Sports Complex in Orangeburg, New York. This first game of Touching Bases League play, brought together two long-time rivals in a match-up that made for an exciting and fun-filled first round of league tournament play.

 An opening day ceremony ably led by Bob Baird and which included notables like County Executive, Ed Day, a host of volunteers most especially the St. Thomas Aquinas College baseball team and player/ participants from across the community, preceded the main event. 

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Electricity was in the air as fans watched the Canaries take the field and our Bullets warming up their bats. Pumping our team up before the opening pitch was Coach Christine Curley, Volunteer Ajay Repola and our beloved Manager Margaret. 

All eyes were on the men and women of summer as the first of our Bullets stepped up to the plate and walloped a pitch into a hole in the infield. The first of many hits for the Bullets.

A near perfect late summer morning, the Jawonio opening line up included John, Harley, William, Michael, Ronald, Doug, David, Theresa, Malcolm, Harley and Symera, to name a few- all of whom made their presence known as the scoring from team was lively.

A seemingly endless top of the first inning for the Canaries saw Bullets players rounded the bases seemingly at will. The birds would, nonetheless, get their chance and with several hits in their first at-bat, it was evident from the start that this game would be a contest.

The lead changed hands with each inning and, indeed, both teams offered an impressive display of their skills. In the end though, it was all Bullets as the heart in our hometown team would inevidibly come shining through.

“There was some great hitting from our guys,” said Jawonio POMs Coordinator and avid Bullets fan, Dan Lukens. “The practice and skill development in the off season and the wonderful spirit of the Jawonio team is extraordinary,” he said. “I am so proud of our team.”

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And, indeed, so was Jawonio Associate Director, Randi Rios-Castro who was also there to cheer on the Bullets.

It was a great opening day made great by our extraordinary team!  See more photo highlights below.

About Touching Bases

Touching Bases is a recreational baseball league for about 240 adults ages 21-88 with disabilities. About 40 of the individuals involved are alumni of the Challenger Little League.

The league provides the opportunity for individuals with a wide variety of disabilities to enjoy America's pastime in a safe, supportive atmosphere where players can be assisted by volunteer partners at bat, on the bases or in the field. Games are played outdoors in September at South Orangetown Little League and Ramapo's Reisman Sports Complex in Pomona and in the Town of Ramapo's Torne Valley indoor practice facility in Hillburn in October.

Touching Bases has a partnership with St. Thomas Aquinas College that provides athletes from their Girls Softball and Boys Baseball Teams who coach and assist the players.


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Touching Bases Opening Day
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