Care Management is a support service that is focused on ”wellness”. It is available to adults with active NY state Medicaid and meet a few basic requirements. Care Management will assist participants to live safely and as independently as possible. Care Management works to ensure a continuity of care. Care Management will also help link participants with appropriate services and resources. Care managers work cooperatively with participants to establish the resources and supports that are needed or desired to help individuals reach their self-identified goals.

Why Jawonio?

There are accessible services provided onsite at Jawonio to address all your medical and behavioral health needs:

Cornerstone Family Health Care Services onsite:

Primary Care
Dental Services
Psychological Services

Jawonio Services:

PROS: Psychiatric Rehab
Employment Guidance
Referral & Advocacy

Who Qualifies for Care Management?

Care Management is available to people 18 years old or older who receive or are eligible to receive Medicaid and have either:
• A Mental/Behavioral Health Diagnosis
• Two chronic medical conditions
• Have tested HIV Positive
Contact Info

Katie Ross, Program Director

Phone: 845-708-2000 ext. 2247