Jawonio is the fiscal intermediary for Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP).

CDPAP allows people with disabilities or serious medical illness the opportunity to gain more control over their personal services. Participants are able to screen, interview, hire, train, supervise and dismiss their own Personal Assistant (PA). Because individuals will have more control in this service, they will also have more responsibilities. Therefore, participants must be self-directing and if that is not the case, they must have a significant other person in their lives willing to assume these responsibilities-this person will be known as a designated representative (DR). You will need to be assessed by the Rockland County department of Social Services and have their approval to proceed.

1) A physician must prescribe this service
2) Complete an application
3) Get assessed by the Rockland County Department of Social Services or MLTC/MCO (Managed Long Term Care/ Managed Care Organization) and have their approval to proceed.
4) For private pay, Jawonio will conduct the assessment.

Individuals must:
• Reside in Rockland County
• Have a disability or medical condition qualifying them for Personal Services
• Be eligible for Medicaid or have ability to pay privately
• Be medically stable
• Be self-directing or have an advocate who will act as a consumer’s designated representative

Once the participant selects a PA , Jawonio will ensure assistants:
• complete necessary employment forms related to hiring
• ensure that a health assessment and PPD are completed
• process the paychecks every two weeks

An individual or their designated representative must:
• Train the PA’s in regard to their own personal needs
• Schedule PA’s as appropriate
• Attest to accuracy of PA’s time worked to receive payment
• Hire as many PA’s as needed to ensure coverage for all approved hours & have adequate backup
• Inform Jawonio of changes in both the participant’s and the PA’s status, such as phone number, address and hospitalization
• Provide ongoing supervision of PA’s in compliance with relevant labor laws and county regulations
• Ensure PA properly uses the electronic visit verification (EVV) system

Contact Info

Ritza Santiago, Ed.D, Program Director

Email: ritza.santiago@jawonio.org
Phone: 845-708-2000 ext. 5350