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Welcome to “Sunrise Court” – A New Program at Jawonio!

Jawonio is excited to announce its new initiative called “Sunrise Court,” a new program that was opened in June as a collaboration between Jawonio’s Cummings House and Day Services for adults with disabilities. The program is a sensory based program for adults with complex physical and medical needs that significantly impair their ability to perform activities of daily living.

The goal of the sensory room is to create a space where participants feel safe and secure, it facilitates a therapeutic environment between the staff and participants, provide opportunities for engagement in prevention, learning skills, and socialization, as well as promoting self-care, resilience, and recovery. It will also promote the overall health and well-being of its participants in a meaningful way to help them develop strategies to manage stress, and maintain their health.

“They can practice strategies and skills that they gain in the sensory room and carry that with them after they leave into their own homes and into the community.” Sara Trowers, Program Director of Day Services.


Hara Millman works with Alex (foreground) and Gabriel Kessler works with Mike.


Jeffrey’s mom Kathleen stopped by for a visit. The program welcomes family visitors.

In developing this program, Jawonio recognized the importance of continuity of care, which has been created by the intimate partnership among the staff of Cummings House and Day Services. The program is largely staffed by those who work with the participants in their homes, and staff know each participant and their needs as individuals very well.

A parent recently commented, “The Sunrise Program has expanded Jeffrey’s world. He is more engaged with those around him. We are so grateful to Jawonio for providing this for Jeffrey and the others in the program,” Rick Green, Parent.

The program uses sensory activities such as eye gaze activities using bubbles and light, engaging participants in painting activities using adaptable paint  brushes, auditory stimulation using music, and tactile activities like the switch, which vibrates at the touch. These activities promote engagement in the environment in focused ways that build the relationships among participants and the staff who work with them.

A very special thanks to the Grover family for donating the seed money to support the launch of this wonderful new program.

We also acknowledge and thank the New York State Association of Day Service Providers for providing funding through their Mary Frawley Memorial Grant.

If you are interested in finding out more about this new and amazing program, or know someone who would benefit from it, please contact Carol King, Associate Director of Day Services, 845.708.2000 ext. 2268 or via email at


Hara works with Wilda using bubbles.


Elisa McGuire, Program Supervisor, with Steve


Hara shows an adaptable paintbrush used to create artwork.