For more than 30 years, NYSID – a not-for-profit member agency organization – has been meeting the purchasing needs of state and local government agencies while advancing employment for New Yorkers with disabilities. Under the New York State Preferred Source Program, NYSID acts as a “virtual storefront” for a statewide network of 147 community rehabilitation agencies that employ skilled people with disabilities in both facility-based settings and community-based jobs.

Through more than 1000 contracts that bring work to NYS communities, NYSID member agencies deliver quality goods and services at OGS-approved prices to fulfill individual government agency missions.

In Fiscal Year 2005 alone, 3.2 million hours of work were performed by more than 6,215 people with disabilities, earning them over $32 million in wages.

Everyone benefits from Preferred Source purchasing:

NYS government purchasers get the goods and services they need without costly, time-consuming bidding.

NYSID workers with disabilities throughout the state acquire marketable skills through productive jobs and wages that promote self-esteem and financial independence.
New York State gains from reduced public assistance as disabled workers become economically independent and increased government tax revenues from employed vs. dependent individuals.

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