Jawonio is very pleased to honor the Fredericks Family; John, Kathleen, Jack, Matthew, Cole, and Kyle at Jawonio’s 11thAnnual Kidz Express on April 26th.

Jack, Matthew and Cole Fredericks are triplets who were born at 28 weeks at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Patterson, NJ. All three boys needed care in the hospital for quite some time, and when they came home, they had monitors and sleep apnea machines. John and Kathleen, the boys’ parents, knew they would need services for their sons. “It was overwhelming as new parents, but we were lucky that a nurse recommended Early Intervention Services to us and also told us that Jawonio offered that. Coming to Jawonio was the best thing we ever did. The staff we worked with were on top of everything the boys needed, says John.


The boys received in-home Early Intervention Services with Joan Maurer.  The Fredericks’ had an empty room in their house that became the therapy room. When the boys got a little older, they attended the Center Based Infant Development Program on the Jawonio campus, and continued with the Jawonio Pre-School program. Matthew and Cole were on track developmentally and went on to elementary and middle school, and today attend Albertus Magnus High School. Jack continued on with special education services, and currently attends the Cove Program through Rockland BOCES. He also attends the Jawonio Summer Education Program, and shows his enthusiasm and energy every day. Jack, Matthew and Cole also have a younger brother Kyle, who is in 7th grade.

“John and Kathleen have always been incredibly strong advocates for Jack to make sure he gets the services he needs to succeed and develop. We are very happy to see the tremendous progress Jack has made, thanks to the strong support of his family,” says Gail Nachimson, Program Director, Education Services.

To say the Fredericks household is an active one is an understatement. Between the four boys’ schoolwork, sports, and other after school activities, along with after school jobs and taking care of their two dogs, Lincoln and Seamus, there is always a lot going on. John works full time as a Sergeant in the Clarkstown Police Department, and Kathleen works full time as a nurse at Liberty Elementary School in Valley Cottage, NY.
“Thanks to Jawonio Jack has beat all expectations for his development. We are so grateful for everything Jawonio has done for our family, especially Jack,” says John.

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You can join us on April 26th to honor the Fredericks and our two other amazing honorees: Adam Fairbanks, and Debbie Roth, who will be honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

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