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Kimberly and Tiffany Mason are twins that were born 3 months prematurely with complications. Because of the difficulties they had, it took them 2-2 ½ months to come home. Their mother says that her and her husband had no idea what to do, but that’s where Jawonio stepped in.“Jawonio Early Intervention was truly a life changer,” says their mother.

The staff worked hard with Kimberly and Tiffany through physical, speech and occupational therapy. The Masons felt that the Jawonio staff focused on each of their daughters’ specific needs. “What other parents deemed as ‘normal milestones’ were ‘celebratory milestones’ for us! Jawonio understood that and celebrated with us,” says Kimberly and Tiffany’s mother.

The Mason twins went on to attend Jawonio Preschool and the Summer Education Program. Tiffany ended up working as a Jawonio cam counselor for six years and after college she became apart of Jawonio’s Condo Program, living an independent life. Kimberly lives independently in the Bobbi Lewis House. Twenty-eight years after starting with Jawonio’s Early Intervention, Tiffany now works part time for Jawonio as the Human Resources receptionist and Kimberly attends the Nyack Studio Arts day program.“The Early Childhood Services play an integral part in who Kimberly and Tiffany are today,” says their mother. Help Jawonio continue to provide better futures to young children with special needs by donating to the Kidz Express Fundraiser today!