HCBS Rockland

Habilitation Services

• Provides an individual with new skills necessary for community living
• Skills may include communication, self-care, socialization, use of community resources
• Services are provided one to one
• Delivered in the home or local community settings

Psychosocial Rehabilitation

• Help restore an individual to fullest possible functional level
• Enhance interpersonal skills, coping strategies, community integration
• May be provided individually or in group
• Prepares an individual for vocational services, if desired

Family Support and Training

• Assists the individual’s circle of support provide assistance in achieving recovery goals
• Strategies for assistance are developed collaboratively with all members of the person’s “family” .
• Provides information designed to help the individual’s support network maximize his or her access to additional supports.

Empowerment Services – Peer Supports

• All services are delivered by peers with lived experience
• Will frequently focus on engagement and bridging access to community services
• Peer will assist in the development of a Wellness Recovery Action Plan and psychiatric advance directives, if desired.

HCBS Rockland & Westchester

Education Supports

• Provides supports in a variety of educational settings
• Instructs/supports study techniques, time management
• Explores various educational opportunities with the candidate
• Assists with admissions, registration, financial aid, and ACCES-VR applications


• Soft Skill development of work concepts and work readiness
• Supports activities in the community related to work/life skills
• Develops & supports work experiences through volunteer and other career development options

Intensive Supported Employment

• Job development and job search activities
• Job related discovery & assessment
• Individualized Placement & Support Services (IPS) for rapid job placement
• Soft skills training & systematic instruction on job tasks

Ongoing Supported Employment

• Provides supports on and off the work site
• Is a liaison for the employee with the employer
• Resolve work related issues and retrains as needed for changing job tasks