Meet Myra Rybarazyk, DSP at Moskoff House and PACE:

Myra Rybarazyk has worked at Jawonio as a DSP for the past 14 years. She became aware of Jawonio through her daughter Karen Genua, who also worked as a DSP at the beginning of her career, then became a coordinator, a House Manager and today works in Human Resources.

Over the years, Karen brought her mom to various Jawonio events where she got to know the organization and the people it provides care to. Karen introduced her mother, Myra to a special woman named Nellie, who lived in the group home where she worked. Myra and Nellie hit it off right away. Nellie did not have any family to advocate for her and as Myra and Nellie’s relationship grew, Myra and her family welcomed Nellie into their family. Eventually, Myra adopted Nellie and became her advocate.  Nellie had years of devoted care and happy memories with Myra and her family. Sadly, Nellie passed away a number of years ago.

After working in other fields, caring for her grandchildren, and looking after Nellie, Myra decided to begin working as a DSP. She went to work at Moskoff House where she has worked different shifts over the years. She also served as a Coordinator for six years. Today, Myra works at Moskoff House for the morning shift, part time. Two and half years ago, she also began working at the Jawonio PACE program during the day, adding to her part-time hours at the house.

Myra’s day begins at 6:30am when she arrives at Moskoff House and helps residents start their day. She prepares breakfast, assists with medications and personal care, (such as dressing, brushing teeth, etc.) After morning activities, Myra helps the residents into the vans to travel to their day programs and appointments. She is certified in wheelchair tie downs, and also as a driver. Her shift at the House finishes at 10:30am. Myra then goes to the PACE Program starting at 11am, and works with participants on craft projects and other activities, and also accompanies them on outings in the community. She assists with lunch at 12noon, provides personal care, encouragement, socialization, assists with art projects, and other activities throughout the day. Her day finishes at 3pm when she brings participants to their vans to head back home for the evening.

“Myra is beautiful inside and out. She is extremely caring and loving with everyone in the program. She uses excellent judgement in tailoring her approach to each individual person based on their needs. She is incredibly dependable and sensitive to each individual.  She is a pleasure to work with and have on our team,” said Barbara Corrente, Day Program Supervisor.

“One of the most rewarding parts of my job is seeing the people I work with experience new things, and gain skills and independence. Helping them with their projects and seeing them practice a skill, then do it on their own, is so special. They are all a great group to work with,” says Myra about her work.

Myra received a special thank you note from Ellen Keith, who she works with.

Thank you Myra, and to all of our DSP staff, for making Jawonio the special and caring place that it is for the special people we provide care to.