[Jawonio]: Mark, you have been a successful commercial estate agent in the region for decades, and now you work at TriForce Commercial Real Estate. How did you get into that field?

[Mark]: While I was operating a Gantry Crane at Todd Shipyards in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn, I heard my boss discuss the opportunities in real estate because his son was involved in it. So, I made a few calls and that’s how it all began.

[Jawonio]: Please tell us a little bit about your family life.

[Mark]: My wife Rosie and I have been married for 38 years – we have a son and a daughter. Our grandchildren consist of two cats and one dog. We visit with them all quite often!

[Jawonio]: So, for those who don’t know about the NASCAR experience, why would someone want to do this for fun

[Mark]: Because I love driving fast, it gives me the rush I need. I wish I was able to do this daily—plus, it makes it all the more serious type of fun that I am driving for charity.

[Jawonio]: Tell us about your connection to people with special needs.

[Mark]: My niece Emma Grace has Down syndrome. As she has seen her Uncle Mark and his love of cars, you can see she has good taste and drives a Mercedes Benz.


[Jawonio]: Why did you select Jawonio as your charity of choice this year?

[Mark]: I just felt good about Jawonio’s services for the community and how they support families like mine. The knowledge and professionalism at Jawonio is tremendous, and I love that they can work with anyone and help them reach their fullest potential. Jawonio is a part of the entire community and has a super reputation in the region.

Mark, thank you for your time. Lastly please tell us about the NASCAR experience and how people can get involved to help Jawonio.

[Mark]: Anyone out there can make a donation in honor of my drive. Here is a description of the drive I am doing: “Drive a real NASCAR race car by yourself for (three) 8 minute racing sessions all back to back. That’s a total of 24 minutes behind the wheel with pit stops in between every racing session! The Checkered Flag Experience is guaranteed to be a thrill like no other!” I really hope this helps Jawonio.

For more information about the NASCAR Racing experience, visit their website.