Are you interested in learning more about how you can make a real difference in the lives of people with disabilities?
Interested in learning more about the levels of experience needed to be employed as a Direct Service Professional (DSP)? There are free training sessions for qualified candidates beginning on March 20th, 2018, as an eight week course running three days per week.

The course will allow you to learn skills through classroom and practical experience to be employed as a qualified direct support professional (DSP) and/or personal assistant.
Through the training, learn how to work with people who are physically, developmentally disabled, and/or the elderly. Also learn the skills to provide personal care such as how to feed, lift & bathe, as well as techniques to teach & guide people to live to their greatest potential in the community. At the end of the course, you will be interviewed by Jawonio and/or other agencies throughout the Rockland County community for a variety of positions being offered.

To read more about the positions which would be available after the eight week course is completed, please take a look at the flyer:


Here are some fantastic testimonials from some of our Jawonio DSP’s!

“To move ahead from being a DSP, you need to have patience and understanding and bring your skills and talent. Being a DSP is rewarding.” -Marie Cadeau, Counselor

“Skills developed as a DSP provide opportunities for advancement in the Field of Human Services. As a DSP, we give others as well as ourselves the tools to grow, become more independent and advance.” -Julio Vargas, DayHab Supervisor

“Being a DSP was rewarding. You need a lot of patience and ability to work with people with different needs. Jawonio is a fun place to work.” -Shedlyne Bien-Aime, Specialist

“My career at Jawonio has benefitted from the internal growth offered within the agency. At Jawonio, we are often encouraged to explore opportunities for advancement.” -Stevenson Durandisse, Coordinator of Community Pre-Vocational Services

“Working as a DSP has been an amazing starting point for my career. It has taught me what it truly means to treat people the way I want to be treated, regardless of the way I may look, speak or behave. It has shown me and taught me empathy. It has given me opportunities to continue growing as a person who wants to help others.” -David Quinones, Employment Counselor

“At Jawonio, my work as a DSP was noticed & praised. I was given opportunities to gain more experience working in other departments and to grow within Jawonio, starting out as a DSP and advancing to being an Employment Counselor. As an employee, it made me feel valued and cared for that my work as a DSP was recognized. My experience at Jawonio has been one of respect, encouragement to work hard, and the possibility of growth within the company. I’m very proud to work in an environment where care applies not just to those we serve but to everyone who is a part of Jawonio.” -Wladamir Joseph, Employment Counselor

Have a look at the flyer for more details on dates, times, location, and how to apply.

Thank you!

Please reach out to Michele Curtis with any questions: 845-708-2005;