April 5th Update

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April 5, 2020

From the Desk Of Jill Warner, CEO


We are 30 days into a world we never expected. And this has been an exceptionally difficult week for staff and participants.

I hope you are finding my weekly video messages and emails helpful. As I listen and respond to your concerns, and we continue to share these virtual and online communications, I promise to give you the most accurate information in as real time as possible. Please let me know if there is anything I should add in these messages.

During this crisis communications can be difficult. What encourages and sustains me are my conversations with you at our live teleconference town halls. I cannot tell you how much your individual and collective energy on these calls have meant to me. Please know that it is my job is to get you everything you need to protect both the health and safety of you and our consumers.

Together, our tele-Town Halls continue to keep the lines of communication open, and all of us on the same page. I am most grateful to have this time with you in order to create the space for us to authentically listen, learn and help each other. I am always impressed by the heightened empathy and care. No matter what part of the agency you work in, on site or remotely, or what your responsibilities are as essential workers, you are extraordinary in the way you are working together to get the job done.

For our front-line healthcare staff, you are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep our residents safe and well. By wearing the required personal protective equipment we supply for you and by following universal protections you are protecting you, your families and our residents at the same time.

For those staff on the virtual front lines, as I said earlier, the highlight of my days and weeks are hearing from you and getting you the help that you need. Technology via smartphones, IPADs, laptops and teleconferencing are giving staff the reliability and confidence of delivering online tele-supports including children’s services, mental health therapeutic interventions, vocational supports and care management in the community.

Our children, adults and families have found new ways to connect with each other through technology. In the last week, thanks to a donation from Vantage Financial and Lincoln IT, we have deployed 16 IPADs to our group homes. This gift is giving families a lifeline to visit with each other anytime they choose. Due to the stress and anxiety that we are feeling, these tele-supports create the vital connections we need.

Therefore, I am looking forward to all of our Teleconference Town Halls with all staff in the weeks to come. My next teleconference is this Wednesday, April 8th at 1 pm for the CLS and Day Hab families. As always, you will receive call-in details and instructions in a separate email.

Please continue to follow the guidelines from the CDC and NYS Department of Health to keep you and your families safe. You are in my thoughts and prayers every day. Let us take care of each other and remember -- We are ONE Jawonio family.

With gratitude,


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