Jawonio celebrated its annual Longevity Breakfast on December 8, 2017 where we honored our incredibly dedicated employees for their years of service to Jawonio, and most importantly, their attention to detail, for going above and beyond providing the most excellent care for the people we serve.  It was a festive and moving event as people shared their stories about their work at Jawonio.  Staff is honored starting at 5 years, with a monetary acknowledgement and those who have served 10, 15, 20, 25 and 35 years of service attend the breakfast and receive a gift.

We thank all of our Jawonio staff who celebrated their longevity, especially our two honorees who have been with us for 35 years: Joan Maurer and Sheri Muth!

Sheri is pictured below left, with Jill Warner, CEO and Madelon Berger, Jawonio Board Chair.  Joan is pictured below, right, with Madelon Berger, Jerry Staller, Division Director of Clinical and Educational Services, and Jill Warner.


Please take a look below at all of the staff who were honored this year for their Longevity, and see how many hardworking years they have spent at Jawonio making a difference in the lives of people with special needs in our community!  You can also view the full Photo Album on Facebook – Click Here

35 Years:
Joan Maurer, Director of the Infant Development Program
Sheri Muth, Division Director of Community Employment and Day Services

25 Years:
Sandra Gerlach-Foley, Registered Nurse Supervisor
Monica Harrison, Direct Support Professional
Jane Mullin, Chief Strategic Integration Officer
Jill Warner, Chief Executive Officer
Edith Wheeler, 
Direct Support Professional
Jamie Wolf
, Special Education Teacher

20 Years:
Yolene Altidor, 
Direct Support Professional
Eileen Gerber, 
Speech and Psychology Clerk
Ilene Goldberg, Occupational Therapy Supervisor
Kitchener Jeantel, Direct Support Professional
Edwidge Louis-Charles, Residential Coordinator
Stephen Pegram
, Residential Director
Mellanie Sampson, Direct Support Professional


15 Years:
Frank Alliano, 
Maintenance Manager
Eunice Brown, 
Licensed Practical Nurse
Tracy Corriel, 
Project Coordinator
Jean Dely, Direct Support Professional
Saint Hilene Derilus, Direct Support Professional
Nadia Dorcelly, Registered Nurse Supervisor
Nereida Estevez, Teacher’s Aide
Chantal Gabriel,
 Direct Support Professional
Donna Hendrickson, Teacher’s Assistant
Maria Henriquez, Human Resource Onboarding Specialist
Everett Hoosier, Commercial Cleaner
Joel Larson, Medicaid Service Coordinator
Clossen Levasseur, Direct Support Professional
Lana Marie Lewis-Rheubottom, Employment Supervisor
Marie Louis, Direct Support Professional
Rafael Ramirez, Commercial Cleaner
Robyn Tendler,
 Recreation Aide

10 Years: 
Josefa Tamayo,
 Commercial Cleaner
Giorgia DeSauguste, Direct Support Professional
Ricardo LaGuerre, Commercial Cleaner
Drita Beqiri, Teacher’s Aide
Robert Sbordone, Director Workforce Development
Luis Nazario, Maintenance Mechanic
Roselore Exantus, Direct Support Professional
Samuel Fenner Jr., Commercial Cleaner
Marie Payen-Bernard, Residential Manager
Jaime Fernandez, Commercial Cleaner
Nasario Gomez, Commercial Cleaner
Lauren Staller, Senior Speech Pathologist
Kerlie Christophe, Direct Support Professional
Gail Nachimson, Program Director Educational Services
Marie Polche, Direct Support Professional
Megan Grady, Teacher’s Aide
Rose Emmanuel, Direct Support Professional
Jean Cadeau, Direct Support Professional
Juliette Rene, Direct Support Professional
Daniel Thomas, Commercial Cleaner
Susan Bitts, Teacher’s Aide

5 Years: 
Leticia Alexandre, 
Direct Support Professional
Rinat Arbel, Special Education Teacher
Lorraine Barreto, Care Manager
Jazmin D. Benjamin, Habilitation Supervisor
Marlon Bryant, Commercial Cleaner
Arnold Cabasso,
 Supervisor Psychological Services
Marc Chindemi, Commercial Cleaner
Barbara Clancy, Residential Manager
Cecile Constable, Residential Manager
Barbara Corrente, Habilitation Supervisor
Donna Doria, Respite Teacher’s Assistant
Bernadette Dorisca, Direct Support Professional
Angella Espinoza, Commercial Cleaner
Rickey Freeman, Commercial Cleaner
Nadege S. Gabriel, Direct Support Professional
Sandra Gilot, Direct Support Professional
Nancy Hausman, Executive Administrative Assistant to the CEO
Vivian Hlubik, Nurse Practitioner
Santana Herard, Direct Support Professional
Sarah Hook, Peer Specialist
Viola James, Human Resource Benefits Coordinator
Malianatha Jean, Direct Support Professional
Wladimir Joseph, Employment Counselor
Tanysha Julien, Human Resource Compliance Coordinator
Kedanie Ledoux, Direct Support Professional
Jeveron Lee, Commercial Cleaner
Hermane Malivert, Direct Support Professional
David Mangone, Maintenance Mechanic
Steven Martinez, Teacher’s Aide
Michael McCormack, Program Aide PROS
Enzert Minto, Direct Support Professional
Paul Molina, Commercial Cleaner
Tracy Monel, Licensed Practical Nurse
Evan S. Nachimson, Direct Support Professional / Day Hab Assistant
Dario Nardis, Job Developer
Raiza Pena, Direct Support Professional
Bryant Perez, Commercial Cleaner
Tammy Pinson, Employment Specialist
Fine Rodriguez, Commercial Cleaner