Brian Golden, Lior Zweig, & Natalie Mastalerz are sophomores at Clarkstown North Senior HS working on a project for their annual National History Day competition. The theme for this year’s competition is “Exploration, Encounter, and Exchange”.

As a person who is hearing impaired, education and utilization of American Sign Language (ASL) is fundamental to Brian. He and his friends believe in the importance of opening the window of deaf education to the hearing society.

They decided to create their project on the analysis of the revolutions throughout history in hearing impaired education, acceptance, and involvement of ASL from times of forced oralism to the full flourishing of hearing impaired culture and ASL. Through their project they also hope to help make others more aware of the past suffering of the hearing impaired in their plight to equality and education.

Earlier this month, Brian and Lior visited Jawonio because they felt that our knowledge and experience in the education of the hearing impaired provides viewpoints that would prove invaluable in their expose. They interviewed staff member Debbie and consumers Francis and Dennis.
The students really enjoyed their time with us and we were so happy to help. Best of luck to you all on your project!