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Community Employment Services Spotlight - Ilka Banks

The Jawonio Community Employment Division does periodic spotlights on our incredible team.  Jawonio is thrilled to share its latest spotlight article with you where we visit the Jawonio Yonkers office for a chat with Ilka Banks.  Ilka has been working as an Administrative Assistant/Receptionist at Jawonio for the past three years. This is a very important  role at the Yonkers Office.  Ilka handles the billing and filing at Yonkers as well as being the face and voice of the agency. She is the first person who people see when they come in, or hear when they call for information or to reach someone one the staff. She states “I do a little bit of everything.” This makes her an incredible asset to the department.


Ilka Banks

Ilka Banks

llka likes the flexibility and growth that Jawonio provides to its employees. She also likes the camaraderie that she shares with her co-workers and supervisors. “We’re more like a family” she says. Ilka’s position within CES has helped her to find her strengths and handle matters that she didn’t think she would be able to accomplish. Through all of this, she has been able to learn more about who she is as an individual. When she is presented with a challenge, Ilka uses her own discernment along with the guidance of her supervisors to resolve any problem she may face.

Lana, Bernardo, Stacey & Ilka

Ilka with her colleagues in Community Employment services at the 2017 Employment Breakfast with; Lana Rhuebottom, Stacey Kantrowitz and Bernardo Abreu.

It has already been mentioned that Ilka wears many hats in her position at Jawonio. When asked, she goes above and beyond the call of duty.  For instance, when the manager of the mental health programs was on medical leave, Ilka was able to step in and help the Drop-In Supervisor run the program.  In this role, she assisted in planning daily activities, participated in some of them, and consulted with the clients daily to include them in meal planning so they could have healthier meals.  Recalling her participation, Ilka states, “This experience helped me learn more about the organization and also gave me the opportunity to interact more with our client base. I would jump at the chance to do it again!”

Drop-in Supervisor Alexandra Robbins even commented “Ilka was amazing. She is funny and has great ideas and energy.” One of Ilka’s future goals is to be a coordinator within the agency. Ilka hopes that Jawonio will continue their mission to help individuals with disabilities for many years to come. We would like to thank Ilka for all of her work here at CES and hope that she continues to succeed and accomplish her goals within Jawonio.

Thank you Ilka for your dedication to your job and for going above and beyond for Jawonio, your colleagues and the people who we serve!

Jawonio Community Employment Services has the largest number of job placements for individuals with disabiities throughout the Lower Hudson Valley Region.  It provides Vocational, Job Placement, Training and Supportive Employment Services to hundreds of individuals each year. 

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