Jawonio’s Article 16 Clinic is an OPWDD certified treatment facility that provides physical, occupational and speech therapies as well as social work to individuals with developmental disabilities. Caregivers and residential support staff can participate in delivery of services to assure functional carryover in-home and residential settings, enhancing the quality of life.


Our physical, occupational, and speech therapists serve children and adults. Social work services for individuals 10 years and up. Our therapists and clinicians are experienced and well-trained. We use a personal, patient-centered approach customized to meet an individual’s needs and goals.

We provide care for thousands of children and adults with special needs each year.

Our MIssion

Jawonio is a registered 501c3 organization and the premier provider of lifespan services in the Hudson Valley of New York State for individuals with developmental disabilities, behavioral health challenges, and chronic medical conditions.

Jawonio is dedicated to advancing the independence, well-being, and equality of people with disabilities and special needs.

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