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For helping us raise


Event Highlights


Congratulations to Peter Schiller

For getting a hole in one on hole 12! Unfortunately you didn’t win a car but you did get bragging rights for this year’s outing!

Contest Winners


1st Place Winners

Jack Coomber, Kathy Coomber & Tom Flynn


2nd Place Winners

Nicholas Dorazio, Dane Musio, Andrew Yawger, Andrew Stein

Most Honest

Mary Jo Jacobs, Terry Parker, Rory Piccket, Miriam O’Mally

Closest to the Hole

1st Place: Lino Sciaretta 6’ 3”

2nd Place: Roni Finger 8’ 6”

Straightest Drive

Adam Spiegel

Greenie Contest

Gregory DeCola

50/50 Raffle Winner

Ryan Callahan