2019 DSP Week Spotlight

In honor of DSP Week, we are sharing spotlight profiles of some of our very special staff. Keep scrolling to learn about Crystal Graham and Raymer Vasquez, who work in the Jawonio Westchester Day Habilitation Program in Yonkers. 

Spotlight Profile: Raymer Vasquez

Raymer has been a great asset to the team at the Westchester Day Habilitation Program.  Raymer began supporting the individuals in our program in 2018 as an intern and in 2019 we were able to provide him the opportunity to become a DSP assistant 

From the time Raymer was an intern, he demonstrated an exceptional passion and eagerness to learn about the population we support and has guided the individuals he supports towards their greatest path to independence. 

The individuals in the program have developed a bond with him and this connection continues to strengthen each day. We want to thank Raymer for the positive and jovial attitude he brings to work every day.

Thank you Raymer for your compassionate and dedicated care for the special individuals you work with everyday.

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Raymer with Yonkers Day Hab participants

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Spotlight Profile: Crystal Graham 

Crystal has been with the Westchester Day Hab program since 2018.  Since being here she has been committed to ensuring the individuals being served are receiving good quality services.  Crystal shows compassion when working with the individuals.  Whether it’s enhancing their money management skills, walking in the community to hand out flyers for the Jawonio Thrift Store, or assisting on volunteer sites as needed.  Crystal is always willing to go the extra mile and for this we are grateful for her.  Crystal is very creative and always takes the initiative to ensure that each individual’s birthday is celebrated. This includes baking a cake or treats and decorating the space according to their likings. 

Congratulations Crystal on a job well done!  

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Crystal with Yonkers Day Hab participants.

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Thank you so much to all of the hardworking DSP's at Jawonio!

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