Jawonio is pleased to honor Adam Fairbanks at our 11th Annual Kidz Express to be held on Thursday, April 26, 2018.

Jawonio Kidz Express

Adam is an inspiring young man who has been part of the Jawonio family since he came to the Jawonio Infant Development Program at 11 months old. Adam was born on October 27th, 1983, the oldest of four children and born with a condition called “Anaphthalmia,” without eyes. Adam uses a cane for mobility and he reads and types Braille. Adam has had support services throughout his life, beginning his initial services with a consult with the New York League for the Blind. At Jawonio’s Infant Development Program, he received an array of therapies to address his motor, cognitive, and speech / language needs.

Adam has grown up to be an active member of his community and a responsible young man who presently runs the coffee shop for morning commuters at the Railway Café in Old Greenwich, Connecticut. In addition to his weekly routine at the café, he works out at the gym, takes piano lessons, and listens to a variety of CD’s and books on tape. Adam enjoys walking on a weekly basis with his many friends and relatives, and is also involved with his church. He was a member of the “Westchester Chordsmen” for 11 years, a men’s acapella group, but now sings for his own pleasure and spreads joy with his voice for friends and family.


Adam is still in touch regularly with Joan Maurer, Program Director of the Jawonio Infant Development Program who he has known his whole life.

“It has been such a pleasure to see Adam grow and develop into this amazing young man who has accomplished so much. I always love speaking with him, especially on our monthly lunches, where I get to catch up on his activities and how he’s doing,” says Joan.

“Jawonio speech therapy was the best thing that happened for Adam’s young development. Joan Maurer is a gifted therapist who was able to inspire speech in Adam when he could only say a few words like ‘Mama” at age three. She used music as one of her inspirational techniques. Adam could not speak easily but could sing the words. Joan put all her energies into therapy sessions, intense and focused, and she made sessions fun because of her great sense of humor. Joan has become a lifelong friend of Adam’s and of mine. Without the efforts of Joan on Adam’s behalf, I believe that he would not have had the chance to participate in normal school grade levels as he did. I remain intensely grateful for Jawonio and for Joan Maurer in our lives.”
–Kathy Fairbanks, Adam’s mom


Help Jawonio continue to provide better futures to young children with special needs by donating to our Kidz Express fundraiser today at www.jawonio.org/kidz .   You can join us to honor Adam and our two other amazing honorees, the Fredericks Family, including John, Kathleen, Cole, Jack, Mathew and Kyle; and Debbie Roth who we are honoring with the Lifetime Achievement Award on April 26th.

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All proceeds of this event will support Jawonio Early Childhood Education Services.